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Promoting Ferry County tourism since 2001

About Us is privately owned and operated by a retiree and resident of Ferry County, WA, who has lived and vacationed in Ferry County, WA for 26 years.

Ferry County is small and rural, with lots in the way of family-friendly outdoor activities including campsites for RVs and tents, inns, and resorts, and a wide variety of locally owned and operated restaurants serving up tasty, meals (no chain restaurants).

Though not a comprehensive guide to Ferry County, offers tourists a glimpse of what makes this a great place to vacation, and provides links to other websites with additional information about events activities, area businesses, and relocating to this part of Washington State.

Acknowledging Contributors

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Republic Regional Visitors and Convention Bureau’s (RRVCB) members help gather event information and forward it my way.

Curlew Civic Club’s members keep me posted as to the events and recreational happenings in Curlew, WA.

K-Diamond-K Guest Ranch and Kathy McKay generously provide me with images and event information.

Stonerose Interpretive Center gave me access to and permission to photograph their famous “rose” fossil.

Diane Sims, Sue & Gerry Larson, Kelly Shelton, Zhou Yali Yelena, Michael Glasgo, Alana & Buck Strauch, Bob Hackiewicz, and Deb Jolley,  Lynn Malsam, Nancy Morris, Fred Bremnar, and Julie Helmick have provided  some of the photos or information used on website.

Photos & Illustrations
Unless otherwise credited in the photo’s caption or in an acknowledgments section at the bottom of the web page, photos were taken and illustrations created by Sarah Lawrence. Why some businesses are listed and others aren't.

Listed businesses are ones that provide services or goods that are of particular use or interest to tourists, and are typically brick and mortar (e.g., not based out of a home) and are open regular days and hours. 

Parks and recreation areas (except for hiking, biking, skiing, and ATV off-road trails) are accessible via paved roads or maintained dirt roads. Though many wonderful recreation opportunities exist on the Colville Federated Tribes Reservation, most won’t be listed on this website, only because I don’t travel much. I urge you to visit Tribes’ website to learn more about vacationing on The Reservation.

I do not charge businesses a fee to be listed or mentioned on the website. If you have a business you’d like me to consider, contact me. If your suggestion is a good fit for, I may ask you to provide information and decent-quality photos (with permission to use from the photographer and any people in the photo).